Reusable Name Plates

Our Reusable Name Plates are just the ticket for high employee turnaround. No need to purchase a brand new name plate for each new employee—what a hassle! Just replace the printable insert that goes inside the name plate, and you're set!

Name plate with a 3 color logo --  2x8-euro gold plastic with black text
Reusable Name Plate with a dye-sublimated logo -- 2 x 10 inches -- Black Wall Mount.
Reusable Name Plate without a logo - complete kit

Complete Kit without Logo (back plate, insert, holder)

Use the same name plates over and over again by simply changing the printable inserts! Prices start at $9.18 each (includes wall mount ).
Reusable Name Plate with a logo - complete kit

Complete Kit with Logo (back plate, insert, holder)

Use the same name plates over and over again by simply changing the printable inserts—without losing your logo! Prices Start at $10.04 each (includes wall mount).

Individual Components for Reusable Name Plates:

Reusable Name Plates require three components: back plate, printable insert, and holder. Save time and money by ordering all three in a kit!
back plates for reusable name plates

Back Plates

Prices start at $5.35 each
wall mounts and desk holders for reusable name plates.

Wall Mount or Desk Holders

Prices start at $3.83 / $6.68 each
back plates with a logo for reusable name plates

Back Plates with Logo

Prices start at $6.21 each
lexan sliders for reusable name plates

Lexan Sliders

50¢ each (FREE when bought in a kit)
inserts for reusable name plates


$4.50 per sheet (3 inserts)
NamePrint software for reusable name plates

Name Print Software

$55 for software and one license

How do Reusable
Name Plates work?

Reusable Name Plates are a multi-part system consisting of a metal back plate, a printed insert, and a desk holder or wall mount. First, insert the back plate into the holder and then the printed insert. A clear Lexan Slider may be slid into wall mounts for additional protection of the insert.

Reusable Name Plates require three components -- back plate, insert, and desk holder or wall mount

Pricing Comparison Charts*

Product Description: Three part 2x8 inch reusable name plate.

*Complete Price Charts are available on the order pages. Additional quantity discounts are available.

Name Plates
with a
Wall Mount
with a
Desk Holder
Quantity Discounts:
Individual Price @ quantity of 5
Individual Price @ quantity of 25
Add a logo 86¢ each plus $60 setup fee.  

Printing the Inserts

inserts for reusable name plates.

Transparent inserts for Reusable Name Plates may be printed using most laser and ink-jet printers.

Laser--Plus Film Pro (recommended product) must be printed on a laser printer. The laser inserts may be printed 1 insert at a time.

Ink Jet--Classic Inserts may be printed using most ink-jet printers.

**HP Laserjet machines will only print on Ink Jet--Classic Insert sheets.

*Compatibility with your printer is not guaranteed. If Laser-Plus Film Pro inserts are ordered and your machine is incompatible, it is possible to exchange any unused Laser--Plus Film Pro sheets for Ink-Jet--Classic sheets. Call for exchange/return information.

NamePrint Graphics© Software A complete software package ($55.00 - includes one license) must be purchased to install the program on your system. Additional licenses are $15.00 each.

Guide to using the NamePrint Graphics© Software (opens in a new window).

Templates-- We have set up these FREE templates for your convenience. If you are comfortable with your software, know how to work with tables and understand your printers limitations these templates may be a great solution for you. Because of the number of variables in how you have your office configured, we offer no technical support for the templates. ALL TEMPLATES HAVE BEEN SET UP USING MICROSOFT WORD® ADJUSTMENTS MAY NEED TO BE MADE IF USING ANOTHER SOFTWARE PROGRAM

Available Templates: 2x8 inch2x10 inch2x8 inch (with logo)2x10 inch (with logo)



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