Printing Inserts for Reusable and Contemporary Name Plates

Print Inserts Using Microsoft® Word or a similar software program.

Print Inserts Using the NamePrint® Software

Using Microsoft® Word or a similar software program to print inserts:

Available Templates:
Reusable Name Plates:
2x8 Inserts   |   2x10 Inserts
Contemporary Name Plates:
2x8 inch with Logo   |   2x8 inch
2x8 inch with Logo   |   2x8 inch
3x5.25 inch with Logo   |   3x5.25inch

Coller Industries, Inc. offers templates to help you print your inserts using Microsoft® Word or Open Office. Because of the number of variables in how you have your office configured, we offer no technical support for the templates. ALL TEMPLATES HAVE BEEN SET-UP USING MICROSOFT WORD® ADJUSTMENTS MAY NEED TO BE MADE IF USING ANOTHER SOFTWARE PROGRAM.

Instructions for use.

1. Download the files and save them to your desktop.

2. Enter the information on each insert to be printed.

3. Run a test with your printer.

A. Print the first page of your file to a plain sheet of paper.

B. Note the top and front of the page as it prints, relative to the feed tray.

C. Sandwich the printed page with a blank sheet of inserts.

D. Hold up to a light source to check that the printing is properly placed.

4. Print your inserts, noting the top and front of the page as determined in the test print.

*Coller Industries, Inc. is not responsible for any damage to printing equipment. Please review your equipment manual for product suitability.

Using NamePrint® Software to print inserts

NamePrint® software is NOT compatible with Apple/Mac systems.


1. Install the NamePrint® program onto your system.

2. Once the program has been installed, exit the NamePrint® program and click "Upgrade" on the Installation Main Page to update your software to the latest version.

3. Once the program has been updated to the latest version, you are now ready to run the program.

template sizing detail

4. Before the software can be used, it must be activated.

A. To activate the program online enter the serial code found on the back of the NamePrint® Software CD sleeve into the box on the Activation Dialog Box.

B. If you need to install the software on additional systems, you can purchase additional licenses for $15.00 each.

Once the software and/or license(s) have been activated, we CAN NOT accept any returns on the software/licenses
data import detail

5. Load the NamePrint® program and select "Design a New Name Badge" to begin designing your inserts.

A. The Design Wizard will open on your screen.

B. Select the "Change Size" option and select the P3 - 2x8 inch template.

C. Follow the instructions in the program to design your own customized layout.

6. Click on the "Data Entry" icon.

A. Click on the first name plate, and the design template from the previous step will be imported onto that badge image. You will be able to enter the text for this badge and make any necessary adjustments.

B. To add additional inserts, click on a blank badge image.

C. For additional functions right click an image and a list of possible actions will pop up.

7. Print the inserts. When printing the inserts, always print a test page on regular paper to ensure the transparent insert sheets will be printed and aligned correctly.


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